The Large Town of Farham

Power Center: Magical
Alignment: Lawful netural

Hi therePopulation: 4535

GP Limit: 3000 Gold Pieces
Coummunity Wealth: 680250 Gold Pieces.

The Shadows of Farham

Persons of Interest

Arlis Falta: Sorceress
Captain Jankin Banke: Captain of the guard. Former gladiator from the south.
Changel Tepper: Benevolent druid from the south.
Galen Lockerman: Paladin of the Order of the Dragon. Emissary from the Dragon Kingdoms.
Jankin Dilley: Cleric of Wee Jas.
Kither Clos: Master burglar.
Keriann Waight: Head priestess at the town’s Temple.
Lacenor Himelin: Blacksmith

The Large Town of Farham

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