Oth Heck

Energetic and Hard of hearing


male half-orc Clr10; CR 10; HD 10d8+20; hp 71; Init 1; Spd 20 ft; AC 23/21, touch 11, flat-footed 22/20 (1 Dex,1 nat,8 armor,1 armor enh.,2 shield); BAB 7; Melee halfspear +10/5 (1d6+3/x3), or sickle 10/5 light (1d6+3); Ranged light crossbow 9 (1d81/19-20); SA turn undead 4/day; SQ darkvision 60’, law spells 1 caster lvl; AL LE; SV Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +10; Str 15(2), Dex 12(1), Con 14(2), Int 11(0), Wis 17(3), Cha 13(1).
Skills and Feats: HIDE-5, SPOT
3, LISTEN+3, MOVE SILENTLY-4(1), balance-5, climb-4, concentration+15(13), escape artist-5, jump-4, knowledge(religion)6(6), scry1(1), spellcraft+4(4); brew potion, combat casting, extend spell, martial weapon proficiency(heavy flail), maximize spell, weapon focus(heavy flail).
Skill Extras: 4 concentration when casting in combat.
Clr Spells Prepared: (6/5
1/5+1/4+1/3+1/2+1) (DC = 13 + spell level) 0—Create Water, Inflict Minor Wounds, Read Magic, Resistance (2), Virtue; 1—Detect Law, Divine Favor, Doom, Inflict Light Wounds, Magic Stone, `Magic Weapon; 2—Consecrate, Desecrate, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Silence, `Spiritual Weapon; 3—Daylight, Magic Circle Against Evil, Meld Into Stone, Wind Wall, `Magic Circle Against Chaos; 4—Control Water, Death Ward, Giant Vermin, `Order’s Wrath; 5—Greater Command (2), `Dispel Chaos.
Domain Spells: (law, war): 1—Protection from Chaos, Magic Weapon; 2—Calm Emotions, Spiritual Weapon; 3—Magic Circle Against Chaos, Magic Vestment; 4—Order’s Wrath, Divine Power; 5—Dispel Chaos, Flame Strike.
Equipment: MW light crossbow, 1 sickle, 19 +1 bolt(s), +1 heavy flail, +1 full plate, MW large steel shield, Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic, Wand – Summon Monster I (35 charges), `Amulet of Natural Armor (1), Potion of Protection From Elements (cold), Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds (CL9), Scroll of Inflict Moderate Wounds (CL3), 46 gp.

Languages: common, orc.
Mount: Keseave, female light warhorse; HD 3d8+9; hp 17; Init 1; Spd 60 ft; AC 14; Melee 2 hooves +4 (1d43) and bite -1 (1d3+1); SQ scent; SV Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2.
Mount Equipment: bit and bridle, riding saddle, saddlebags.


Oth Heck

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