Helain Kjardir

Visible wounds or sores and Friendly


female dwarf War5; CR 5; HD 5d8+15; hp 44; Init 1; Spd 20 ft; AC 19/17, touch 11, flat-footed 18/16 (1 Dex,6 armor,2 shield); BAB 5; Melee scimitar +10 (1d65/18-20), or light hammer 10 light (1d44); Ranged composite longbow 7 (1d83/x3); SA 1 attack vs goblinoids, +1 attack vs orcs; SQ +2 save vs fear, +2 save vs spells, +4 dodge vs giants, darkvision 60’; AL NG; SV Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +0; Str 18(4), Dex 12(1), Con 16(3), Int 7(-2), Wis 9(-1), Cha 16(3).
Skills and Feats: HIDE-5, SPOT-1, LISTEN-1, MOVE SILENTLY-5, balance-5, climb-2, escape artist-5, jump-2; point blank shot, quick draw.
Equipment: MW mighty composite longbow (
3 str), MW light hammer, 38 arrow(s), +1 scimitar, MW banded mail, MW large steel shield, Potion of Darkvision, 21 gp. Peg leg.

Languages: common, dwarf.
Mount: Soul, male light horse; HD 3d8+6; hp 18; Init 1; Spd 60 ft; AC 13; Melee 2 hooves +2 (1d41); SQ scent; SV Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +2.
Mount Equipment: bit and bridle, riding saddle, saddlebags.


She has lost her right leg below the knee and now wears a peg leg. She is devoted to her position, regardless of handicap.

Helain Kjardir

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